Why Us

One Shining Moment

Gold Geek-in-Chief Jonathan Gordon gets a gleam in his eye when he thinks about that day almost 50 years ago in 1973 when, at the age of 16, he was asked by his father—a second-generation gold bug descended from a first-generation international banker and gold bug from Vienna—to drive to Los Angeles International Airport to retrieve a shipment arriving from Switzerland.

With the Double O Seven soundtrack looping in his head, the young Geek did just that. Buzzing with anticipation, he drove to LAX. He arrived. He parked. He hopped out of his silver car with a flourish. Inside the international freight terminal, he accepted the package. Packed inside the secured case were over one thousand United States Double Eagles worth around $175 each and valued at over a quarter of a million dollars all together.

The teenaged hippie from Beverly Hills was sold—on gold. And it would become both his obsession and his career.

Fifty years after that gold-geek-in-the-making ran that magical errand to LAX, and six decades after he looked through a loupe for the first time at his father’s office in California, Jonathan moved the company to the East Coast where, in 2017, he found it a home in the heart of New York’s Diamond District.

Here, in the midst of the most concentrated population of the world’s savviest experts on precious metals and stones, Gold Geek has expanded its global network of buyers and sellers and enhanced its ability to secure highly lucrative transactions.

Today, the company is co-managed by Jonathan’s son Harrison Gordon, who, as Gold Geek’s Deputy Geek-in-Chief, represents the fourth generation of the enterprise. It was with the purchase of a 1961 Rolex Explorer that Harrison really got his geek on, so lustrous, precise, and weighty was this timepiece. When he’s not on the hunt for another hot-model watch, Harrison is spearheading Gold Geek’s entry into the digital world, and using technology—and the business and financial knowledge he acquired at the University of Miami—to refine its e-commerce and other operating procedures.

With its expertise, pedigree, experience, and new strategic location, Gold Geek is able to guarantee the highest prices on the market to sellers looking to cash in on their gold and other precious metals—family heirlooms and antiques, vintage and antique watches, as well as particular models in demand, and bullion and coins.

In other words, there really are no companies geekier about gold than Gold Geek. Geek out with us.

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    Expert Evaluations for the Highest Payouts

    We have assembled a team of experts that understand the true value of all the jewelry, watches, coins and other items that we receive from you. They carefully inspect each item with precision, then appraise it at the highest possible value we can offer.

    We understand that in order to attract clients, we have to offer the most competitive values that we can. For this reason, you can be sure that whenever you send us your gold, silver and platinum, you will receive the highest value available.

    The Fastest Payouts

    When you are looking to sell your gold, you want to receive your money as quickly as possible.

    We have developed the most efficient three-step system for you to send us your jewelry, have it appraised by our specialists and then receive an offer.

    From the moment that you accept the Gold Geek offer, we will send you a direct, secure payment within just 24 hours.

    Impeccable Service

    As experienced and professional gold buyers, we know how to treat our clients.

    From the moment that you contact us for your Free Appraisal Kit until the moment that you receive your payment, we guarantee that we will do everything possible to make your selling experience fast, simple and stress-free.

    If you have any issues or require assistance at any time, you can contact our support team and we will be happy to provide you with the highest calibre of client support.

    Trustworthy Gold Buying

    We believe in honesty, reliability and transparency in throughout the entire Gold Geek process.

    With a strong foothold in the marketplace we can act as an expert extension to our customers, we understand market demands for optimal returns.
    With a deep roster of reputable buyers, we are able to offer top dollar for an expedited purchasing process. This all translates to quick sales and higher returns for our customers.