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Gold Geek is the favorite gold, jewelry and watch buying website because we offer you the best value for every item you send us!

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Within 24 hours of your acceptance of our offer, we pay you, in U.S. currency, in one of three ways:

  • PayPal
  • Direct deposit
  • Company check via First Class U.S. Mail
Our 90+ percent policy

The Geeks pay TOP DOLLAR! We’ve got a reputation to protect. If we’re not paying 90 percent of the intrinsic value of your jewelry, and 95 percent for gold coins and bullion—based on the market price on the day of the transaction—we’re not doing our job.

This means we’ve been known to pay as much at $25,000 for a Rolex and $12,000 for an Omega, based on demand, comparable sales, condition, model, style, and maker.

We pride ourselves on our match-making

We won’t just match any offer that you receive from another online gold-buyer, we will beat it by 5%! If you can submit an official offer from that buyer in writing with a signature within 5 days of receiving their offer.

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    Our clients love us because we get them cash for their gold, silver and platinum faster than any other gold buying business today.

    From the moment that you accept our appraisal and offer for your items, we will send you a secure payment within just 24 hours.

    No long delays. No visiting pawn shops. Just top dollar for all your jewelry, watches, coins and bullion without leaving your home, all within a day of accepting our offer!