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Keeping Time

Our interest in premium luxury and mechanical watches never runs out. Gold Geek offers free appraisals with no strings attached and delivers the best prices the market has to offer on authentic timepieces manufactured in gold, platinum, and stainless steel. 

What the Geeks look at in a watch:

We carefully inspect each watch for function, movement type, material, and engravings against our extensive knowledge base, reference materials, and experience to determine authenticity.

What Gold Geek values in a watch:

Authenticity—we check the material, weight, typefaces and engravings, movement, and function against exacting testing standards that will verify pedigree

Quality—materials matter! And they can determine a substantial portion of the price. In some cases, a stainless steel watch is more valuable than the same watch in gold or platinum. In either case, our knowledge and rigor will bring you the very best price

Value—Gold Geek studies market prices to find out where your watch clocks in and offers you top dollar

Do you have valuable used, broken or unwanted watches in your home?
Gold Geek will help you discover the highest value for all mechanical and luxury watches, appraising them and offering you the most money with 24 hour payments!

We Offer Free Watch Appraisal

Our watch-buying specialists will check every detail of your watch to ensure that you receive the highest value possible.

What our watch appraisal specialists look for:

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    Watch Authenticity

    We’ll check the material, weight, typefaces and engravings, movement, and functions against rigorous testing standards to verify your watch is real.

    Watch Quality

    Construction materials determine a large portion of the price! In some cases, stainless watches are more valuable than gold or platinum. We go through this rigorous process so you can get the very best price available.

    Watch Value

    We compare your watch with the market prices, making sure that you always receive top dollar for your mechanical and luxury watches.

    We Buy All Premium Watches

    No matter what kind of mechanical or luxury watches you have available, Gold Geek team is here to offer the highest value.

    We Buy Dive Watches

    With precise chronometers with a minimum water resistance of 100 meters and diving-friendly features such as illuminated faces, stopwatches, or timers, these timepieces are valued for their style, durability, and usability. If you think you have a high-value diving watch, send it in for an appraisal today!

    Watches | We buy your antique, luxury watches! | Gold Geek
    Watches | We buy your antique, luxury watches! | Gold Geek

    We Buy Pilot Watches

    These watches were originally designed to be used by aircraft pilots and needed to be precise time pieces and often included aeronautical themes resembling a cockpit. These watches are prized for their accuracy and aesthetic design. Our buyers are eager for pilots watches, so send yours in for an appraisal!

    We Buy Dress Watches

    Dress watches are the pride of the pack as they are often crafted out of precious metal and accented with beautiful stones. They are elegant and stylish in design, and are typically worn with formal attire. Because of their fine craftsmanship, dress watches are always accompanied by a large payout. Send your dress watch in today, and see how much it could earn you!

    Watches | We buy your antique, luxury watches! | Gold Geek