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If you have coins, we want it, as long as it’s made of a precious metal such as gold, silver, platinum, and some palladium—or designated as a collectible. 

No matter the age or vintage, the Gold Geeks offer the best market price for full collections, accumulations, or individual coins.

How we work:

Gold Geek’s 50-plus years of knowledge and experience in buying and selling numismatic coins enables it to offer the highest market price for full collections and individual coins.

After completing the thorough appraisal process, we will offer you the highest value we can in order to buy your gold and silver coins and more. 

If you have a coin collection, spare commemorative coins or have inherited coins from a relative, then Gold Geek is here to make the highest offer to you.

Our expert team of coin specialists have the skill and knowledge to appraise your coins based on a number of factors including precious metals, collectability, rarity and more.

After completing the thorough appraisal process, we will offer you the highest value we can in order to buy your gold coins, silver coins and more.

We Buy All Coins

No matter the age or style of your coins, if they are made from precious metals or are collectible, we want to have a look at them!

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    Numismatic Coins

    These coins usually hold a value that can be many times the value of the actual precious metal content. They can be more valuable because of their historical significance, they can be one of a kind, have special marks or be minted in a unique way, and therefore are collectible items.

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    Commemorative Coins

    These coins are also not intended for general circulation. They are U.S. Mint products created to commemorate significant moments in American history, and help raise money to preserve this history. For instance, the money raised will be used to build new historical museums, maintain national monuments, and preserve historical sites. These coins are in high demand because they are rare and are only available for a limited amount of time.

    We Also Buy All Gold, Silver and Platinum Bullion

    Whether you have precious bars, rounds, ingots, coins or any other style of bullion, the Gold Geek team can offer you the highest payment on the market!

    We Buy All Bullion

    • Gold, Silver and Platinum Bars
    • Gold, Silver and Platinum Ingots
    • Gold, Silver and Platinum Coins
    • Gold, Silver and Platinum Rounds
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